In continuation to my last post, here's another post about pesticide use in the US. If you have kids, the choices we make with regards to food is something we want to be careful about. But if we become overly-concerned about it, then it'll just cause stress. The important thing is to enjoy learning and incorporating healthy food choices. 

それでは、本題へ。Clean 15...直訳すると、「綺麗な15」。
So let's talk about the Clean 15. 

アメリカでは、比較的農薬の残留率が低い、又は、全くない果物や野菜のことを「Clean 15」と言います。
In the US, the 15 fruits and vegetables that relatively have no or only a small amount of pesticide residue are referred to as the 'clean 15.'

このClean 15に関しては、オーガニックにこだわる必要ないと思います。
Organic produce is a little more expensive than those that aren't. 
For the produce listed in the Clean 15, I don't think it's necessary to be strict about choosing organic. 


Clean 15には、皮が厚い、玉ねぎやキャベツのように何層にもなっている果物や野菜が多く選ばれています。このような野菜や果物の外側は食べないので、Clean 15として選べるのも当たり前ですよね。
Fruits and vegetables with thick outer skin or those with multiple outer layers (such as onions and cabbage) are listed in the Clean 15. We don't eat the outer parts of these vegetables and fruits, so it's sort of common sense that these fruits and vegetables are selected.  
1. Avocados (アボカド)
2. Sweet Corn(トウモロコシ)
3. Pineapples(パイナップル)
4. Cabbage(キャベツ)
5. Sweet peas frozen(えんどう豆)
6. Onions (玉ねぎ)
7. Asparagus(アスパラガス)
8. Mangos(マンゴー)
9. Papayas(パパイヤ)
10. Kiwi(キウイ)
11. Eggplant(ナス)
12. Honeydew Melon (ハネデューメロン)
13. Grapefruit(グレープフルーツ)
14. Cantaloupe(メロン)
15. Cauliflower(カリフラワー) 

Clean 15の野菜・果物:
Clean 15 List:


 pesticide 農薬
overly-concerned 気にしすぎる
multiple layers 何層
common sense 当たり前  

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