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ニュースでBatter safe than sorry!というトピックでアナウンサーたちが盛り上がってました。
The news anchors were having fun discussing one of their news topics, 'Batter safe than sorry!' 

Better safe than sorryの間違い?と思ってませんか?
Are you thinking, this should be 'better safe than sorry'?

Well, if you are, then your English level is probably pretty advanced. 

Better safe than sorry=「後で悔いるより最初から安全でいるのがよい。」「安全第一。」という意味です。
Better safe than sorry means that it's better to not take any risks than to take action and regret the decision later. 

でも、ここでは、敢えてBatter safe than sorry.
言葉あそびです。Batter とは、パンケーキやケーキなどのゆるい感じの生地のことです。
But in this case, it's 'batter' safe than sorry for a reason. 
This is a play on words. 'Batter' refers to a mixture that can be poured such as pancake and cake batter. 
So back to the news coverage...

ニューヨークに最近オープンした生のクッキー生地を売るスイーツのお店、Do の紹介でした!
They were introducing a new store in New York called Do, which sells cookie dough. Yes, it's cookie dough, so there's egg and flour in it. It's cookie 'dough,' so it's not baked. You might be amazed, but in the US, there are a good amount of people who eat cookie dough. For people in the US, eating cookie dough is referred to as a 'forbidden act that some people can't resist.'  I just don't get this. 

Ben and Jerry というメジャーなアイスクルーム・メーカーもクッキー生地が入ってるアイスクリーム売ってます!
Even Ben and Jerry, a major ice cream brand produces ice cream that contains cookie dough. 

So maybe it's no big surprise for Americans to see this kind of store. 


The store is like an ice cream shop. You get to choose from a variety of cookie doughs. After you choose your cookie dough, they'll scoop the cookie dough and put it in a cup. Other than plain cookie dough, the shop sells ice cream sandwiches and milk shakes, which both contain cookie dough. Of course you can eat your cookie dough as is! You can order your cookie dough for takeout and bake it at home.  

I've tried cookie dough before. Didn't really think about whether it's safe to eat cookie dough, but what bothered me was the grainy texture of sugar. If you haven't tried cookie dough, give it a try! 

NY Times article introducing this cookie dough shop: 

regret 後悔する
play on words 言葉遊び
cookie dough クッキー生地
can't resist 我慢できない

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