アメリカとカナダでは、今日(2月2日)は、Groundhog Day!
In the US and Canada, today (February 2nd) is Groundhog Day!
The animal in this picture is a groundhog. It's a little cute.

It's like a big squirrel. My 1 1/2 year old son is looking at this picture and is saying 'ruff ruff' though. Yes, all animals are dogs to him right now. 

Groundhog Dayとは、グラウンドホッグ(ウッドチャック)を使った春の訪れを予想する天気占いの日です。でも、この占い、正確率は、とても低いそうです。
Groundhog Day is a day where a prediction is made using a groundhog on when spring will come. But the accuracy of this prediction is very low I heard...

Groundhog Dayの朝には、沢山の人がグラウンドホッグの巣穴の周りに集まります。グラウンドホッグが巣穴から出る時に天気が曇っている場合は、春は早く始まります。一方で、グラウンドホッグが巣穴から出る時に天気が晴れている場合は、冬はあと6週間続きます
On the morning of Groundhog Day, many people gather near a groundhog's burrow. If it is cloudy when a groundhog emerges from its burrow, then spring will arrive early. If it is sunny, then winter will persist for six more weeks. 

Where we live, winter is short or rather should I say we don't really have a winter? There's not much difference between winter and spring season. 

accuracy 正確さ
burrow 巣穴
persist 続く

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