今日は、St. Patrick's Day! 
Today is St. Patrick's Day!

なので、Rainbow Songという歌を歌ってみました。色の名前を覚えることのできる、簡単な英語の歌です。
So we're singing a song called Rainbow Song. It's great simple song for learning the names of colors.

娘のクラスに行ったら。。。部屋が散らかってました。クラスに置いてあるた〜くさんのぬいぐるみが絨毯の上に!どうしたんだ?!と最初びっくりしたけど、今日がSt. Patrick's Dayだということを思い出しました。この日には、Leprechaun (妖精)が現れて、いたずらをしたりします。なので、この散らかっているのは、Leprechaunの仕業。
When I went in to my daughter's classroom, I was amazed by how messy it was! All the stuffed animals in the classroom were scattered across the floor. What happened here?! I was surprised at first, but then remembered that today's St. Patrick's Day. Yes, on this day, leprechauns come out and like to play tricks. So this mess was made by a leprechaun. 

I told my daughter, "You can have a popsicle for your snack since today's a little special day." And she answers, "I don't need it because I already ate something sweet today." (At our house, the kids are allowed to eat one sweet thing on special days.) And so what's the sweet thing that she ate?

Lucky Charmsというマシュマロ入りのシリアルを学校で食べたらしい。甘〜いアメリカンなシリアルです。しかもこのマシュマロ、ふわふわしてればいいんだけど、ちょっと固い...。
We talk about this in our video, but it's cereal! It's a cereal that has marshmallows in it called Lucky Charms. It's a really sweet, very American cereal. Not only is it sweet, but the marshmallow is sort of hard. Not fluffy at all...

Lyrics (和訳):
See the rainbow way up high,
Spreading colors in the sky.
Red and orange, yellow too
Green and purple hug some blue.
Watch it quickly, it won't last.
Rainbows can disappear fast!

 ↓ ↓ ↓

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