We can buy tofu at a regular grocery store in the US. It's a food high in protein and low in fat, so it's popular among people in the US who are health conscious. 

But I think Japanese people will look at tofus in the US and be puzzled

It's good for more than a month. 
I bought tofu at Whole Foods the other day and the expiration date is...January 12, 2018! 
It's okay for more than 2 months!

何でそんなに長く日持ちするの? Why do tofus last so long? 
Simply put, tofus sold in the US are made differently from tofus in Japan. In Japan, soy milk is heated after bittern (nigari) is added, then poured into a mold. Once it's cooled and hardened, then it's cut and packaged. Contamination may occur during this process. The tofus in the US also are made by starting off with soy milk and bittern (nigari), but then they are packaged before it's heated. Once it's packaged, it's heated, cooled, and then hardened. Bacteria is killed off by heat during the process and there are no opportunities for bacteria to enter. So that's why tofus in the US may last for more than half a year. 

How interesting! 

Wildwood Organic Tofu (Made from Sprouted Soy Beans)。
Just FYI, this is one of my favorite tofus!
Wildwood Organic Tofu (made from Sprouted Soy Beans). 
It's sold at Whole Foods for a little over $2, so it's almost the same price as buying regular tofu. It's made from sprouted tofu! The taste and texture is just like any silken tofu. 

疑問に思う be puzzled 
賞味期限 expiration date
簡単に言うと simply put
型に流し込む poured into a mold
雑菌 bacteria
半年以上保存期間を持つ、半年以上持つ last for more than half a year

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