These are some books that are perfect for Thanksgiving time. 
I read these during my English classes and lessons. 

一番のおすすめは:My number one recommendation is:
#1: Run, Turkey, Run! by Diane Mayr
対象年齢 (recommended age range):4−8
A turkey runs away from the farmer. He rolls around in the mud to be like a pig and does all sorts of other funny things to avoid being caught. It's a cute story!

他にもおすすめあります:My other recommendations: 
#2: Twas the Night Before Thanksgiving by Dav Pilkey
対象年齢 (recommended age range):4−8
This is a story where kids try to save some turkeys. It's a story with lots of rhyme and rhythm, so it's fun reading and listening to this story.

I found a youtube video where someone is reading aloud this book. 

#3: My Leaf Book by Monica Wellington
対象年齢 (recommended age range):4−8
女の子が落ち葉を集めて、自分のleaf book (葉っぱの本)を作るというシンプルなストーリー。でも、絵がすごく綺麗で、自分もleaf bookを作ってみたくなるかも。
A girl collects fallen leaves and makes her own leaf book/collage. It's a simple story, but the pictures are beautiful and it makes you want to make your own leaf book/collage. 

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