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In the US, celebrating birthdays with friends at an indoor play place, at the house, or at a park are common. But there are some unique birthday parties! 

The other day, we went to Michaels for a friend's birthday party. There a room near the back side of the store and you can do a craft party there. The organizer of the event can rent the room for 2 hours and he/she is free to bring in outside food and craft supplies. There are lots of indoor places that don't allow outside food (since they want you to order food from their own place), so that's nice. 

The kids painted a wooden box. So into it. 

The store clerk (just a part-time student worker though) did face painting, but hmm....Took her over 10 minutes to do each child and the finished work is just okay. I think I  can do better. Just FYI, this is an unicorn. Yes, my son and his unicorns...he's obsessed with them. 

Maybe I should start my own face painting business. If anyone is interested, please let me know. :)

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